Demos Scotland Membership

There could not be a more propitious time to engage in the constitutional debate over Scotland’s future. The Brexit vote has set in motion a chain of events which could very well lead to another vote on the independence of Scotland.

What is indispensable in any referendum campaign is that the arguments which weighed down the ‘yes’ vote in 2014, largely based on fear, threats, and sham research, are refuted. In addition, the glaring deficiencies of the current UK / Westminster system must be more thoroughly explored, to help design a modern Scottish Republic which can rectify these dysfunctions.

In order to do this, we need to have the funding to commission articles by true specialists in their field, be it economics, law, constitutionalism, or other fields pertaining to the construction of a new state.

Therefore, we are charging £3 a month to become members after the first month, which is free. This will allow you not only to read all the articles we publish, but also to directly participate in drafting a prototype constitution, designing the institutions, and writing the corpus of laws. These documents will be developed on a wiki-style platform.

Our objective is to create a blueprint for a future Scottish state, that will serve at the very least as a model to emulate for whatever a future constitutional convention will consider.

At the very most, working with other groups and people of goodwill, our model could be implemented once independence is achieved.

Please join us.

Mark McNaught